I am a 13 year old programmer who is continually confused by his own code and addicted to reading books.


Hi, I'm TheDragonRing - currently a high school student (year 7) who lives in Australia. I love warm weather, and my favourite animals are probably lizards and meerkats. At the moment, I'm learning the basics of Electric Bass and I know a bit of piano. I am constantly getting confused by various things and my favoured pastime is reading.



Ever since I first learnt that you can write scripts that can create things like games and websites I was interested in it. The first real step I made towards this though was getting a Raspberry Pi 2. I tried to manipulate existing plugins for a Minecraft: Pocket Edition server software that I was using, but had little success. I needed to learn from someone or something else. After a bit of searching, I found some helpful tutorials online on how to make these plugins myself and was soon ready to begin, my mind bursting with possibilities and ideas. I continued creating plugins for a few months and during that time I founded a small online organisation that develops these plugins - the BoxOfDevs Team.

After a while though, I began to gravitate away from this and began to explore and quite enjoy web development. My skills are now very different to what they began as and thought I wanted them to be, but I have learnt a lot and continue to look into learning as many more programming languages as I can. Now I use Atom as my daily code editor and have been working on many projects: personal and public. Have a look at this page to see some of my work.


If you haven't noticed yet, I am completely addicted to reading (fiction novels in particular, but I'll read anything I can get my hands on). Any time I have free time, the first thing I want to do is read. It's fun, and I learn a lot from the books I read. The only time I ever successfully recorded every single book I read resulted in me reading 75 books in three weeks - that was 3 years ago, and I still don't know how I do it!




This is a small one-page website template that can be used to build simple, but nice, websites for almost anything.

Used: HTML, CSS & JS.

Mini Pet

Want to feed and play with your own online pet? Now you can, with just the click of a button. Note: If you play online, you can't use images from your local device. It has to be accessible via a url on the web, otherwise the image will not show up properly.

Used: HTML, CSS & JS.

New Tab

The default Google Chrome new tab page just doesn't cut it. You want something you can really customize. Well, here you go! Aptly named "New Tab" lets you do that and more. Note: This requires a special setup, after you have downloaded it follow the installation instructions in the README.md file.

Used: HTML, CSS & JS.

Password Generator

Ever needed a completely random password for something? Just pick a length and generate!

Used: HTML, CSS & JS.


We all love fireworks, don't we? And since Minecraft: PE & Win10 Edition don't have fireworks... I added them! Fire Charges have been replaced with magnificent exploding balls of colour to light up your night sky!

Used: JSON & Adobe Photoshop CC.


This is the first website template I have ever made from scratch. It was mostly a learning experience to see if I could create my own website without a template, and teach myself some of the stuff I didn't already know.

Used: HTML, CSS & JS.

BoxOfDevs Team

This is one of my biggest ongoing projects. It is a small team of developers who believe in free and open source software (with a reasonable license, of course). Please feel free to go and check out some of what we've done 😃.


NOTE: This contact form uses the mailto method, so if you are using a device that doesn't have its default email client set up properly then just send an email straight to me at [email protected].